COMPANY DECLARATION: The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product when used in accordance with its recommendations. However, the adversities that may arise due to faulty use and mixtures are not guaranteed by the company. The user is responsible for any problems (toxicity, residues, etc.) that may arise from improper handling and storage conditions.


WARNINGS: Keep it away from children. Avoid contact with eyes, face and skin. Apply as recommended dosage. Wash hands with plenty of soap and water after use. Do not use used empty packages for other purposes. Dispose of the packaging after use.


STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store the product in its original packaging in a cool and dry place. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. Normally, it maintains its physical and chemical properties for at least 3 years. Do not smoke in warehouses. Do not approach with fire. Keep away from explosive flammable materials and other chemicals.