Fernova Organic Liquid Fertilizer; was obtained by bringing together the plant wastes and bringing the micro-macro nutrients we created thanks to the wastes, into nanoparticle structure using nanotechnology. In this way, nanoparticles can quickly penetrate in the plant structure, and eliminate situations like disease and so on. Provides a comfortable living space in the soil for the plant.

Completely eliminates the use of NPK fertilizers. Thanks to Fernova Organic, these substances, which are sufficiently present in nature, convert them into chelates with their nano structure and ensure their uptake from the roots of the plant.

Hormone / hormone-like activities for each product (in plant production) are now obtained by chemical synthesis, and they affect public health at etreme level and cause irreversible diseases.

FERNOVA is also an organic end product with the same effect, and since it is an organic final product, according to the raw material type used (organic waste / residue), it collects all the organic components in its structure from the soluble form and gives it back to the soil and the plant. While IAA-indoleacetic acid, is used for AUCSIN (auxin) -like effect, GA-gibberellic acid, for GIBBERELLIN-like effect and BAP-benzylaminopurine, for CITOKIN-like effect and their harmful effects in the future not known, FERNOVA handles these synthetic matters’ mission completely in organic form with its maximum level BioOrganoPolymer (BOP) structure.