Bursa – Karacabey


We visited the tomato field of Serkan Erden from Karacabey Beylik village in Bursa. Our farmer who grows tomatoes in a 6/da land, used “Fernova Organic Liquid Fertilizer”. He was very pleased with the results and wanted to use it on other lands.
In addition, most of the tomato fields in the region are experiencing serious yield losses due to root and fungal diseases. Serkan Erden has never encountered these in his field. When there was disease in his neighbour field, his own field was not infected by it.
Farmers using “Fernova Organic Liquid Fertilizer” do not encounter “fungal” diseases due to their strong plant growth.

It was harvested on 17.08.2019. 12 tons/da product was obtained. Brix value was determined as 4.7.