It is applied in all kinds of agricultural culture without discrimination.

Resistance, rapid growth and development in plants, provides earliness in the product.

Increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. Provides increase in productivity.

Provides resistance against frost in plants and roots.

Accelerates root growth in plants. Increases fringing. Makes the root stronger.

The plant gains resistance to root diseases.

Increases plant resistance to diseases

Plant nutrients, macro and micro elements contained, dissolve slowly in water and ensures long-term nutrition of the plants, and reduces the need for fertilizing in time.

Soil microorganism activity accelerates.

The water holding capacity of the soil increases. Minimizes water stress. It is 

Regulates the soil Ph. Keeps soil temperature stable.

Even if chemical fertilizers are applied (base, top, mix, micro-element, or other chemical fertilizer); as it is an advanced material, it makes the plant nutrient elements like Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron etc. which cannot be used by the plant, soluble in the soil with its nano structure and facilitates the uptake by the plant.

Does not contain unfamiliar weed seeds.

Provides products with 100% real flavor and aroma.

In particular, it provides the rehabilitation of tired soils that have been contaminated with chemicals, lost strength and vitality. This reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers over time.

It connects the particles of acidic, sandy soils and loosens the part attachment (clod, lump, hardness etc.) in heavy clay soils, aerates the soil and increases the porous structure to obtain organic soil.

It gives the soil a more suitable structure for plant development.